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by D.B. Libby

In a not-so-far-in-the-future world of sprawling, flood-prone city-states and industrially-prepared foodstuff, Rennard, a jaded Adjunct Investigator and reluctant Mine Wars hero, gets summarily yanked upstairs because of a unique talent. It seems he can infallibly spot Origines, sub-human replants, and dispatch them with a dispassionate ferocity that stems from deep contempt.

When he is paired off with Prime Investigator Clair, a petite, intelligent female partner who outstrips him in more than rank, and is introduced through her to a wider world of gourmet dining and forgotten forms of music, he finds himself bumbling along distractedly in an investigation that seems to lead straight back to his superior and the two most powerful brothers on the continent. Someone has been altering official records to hide the replantation of the general population, and every time Rennard and Clair get too close to finding answers, their suspects die abruptly.

The investigation leads them winding around the towering blocks of the Eastern Federation, flying to the diked lowlands of the Southern Peninsula, and blasting off-Earth to a posh faux-tropical resort on the Moon, but in the end, Rennard discovers that the one person he would never suspect is guilty of every crime.

Kirkus Reviews says: "...vivid descriptions... gripping story... engaging novel... fans of Philip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep will particularly enjoy this...". See full review here.

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Historical Artifacts


Seneca was a very handsome specimen. With a wonderful aquiline nose, clear far-seeing eyes and an erect posture, he was a credit to his ancient Italic origins. However, according to the recently revamped ICEE (the International Convention on Extirpated Ethnicities), technically—and legally—he wasn’t even alive. (read more...)




Jerald Finley knew his present course of investigation was correct because of a simple, easily overlooked clue — his favorite shirt..

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Between the Lines


In the burgeoning world of avid Streamers, Darnel stood out for two ordinal reasons. First, according to the General Metrics, he was the prime practitioner of the art (read more...)




“Tell me a story about robots, Grandpa!”

It was bedtime, and in the absence of the boy’s parents, the old man reluctantly played their role, which he well knew included a fanciful tale of some sort to predispose the child to slumber.

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